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2023 Season

We want YOU!

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Welcome - we're glad you're here.

Nelson's one stop shop for cheer and gym sports..

Whether your child belongs on stage or just loves to flip and jump around, Electrix is the place for them. Explore our diverse classes in CHEERLEADING, TUMBLING, BOYS TRIX and PRESCHOOL MOVEMENT

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Meet the Team

You’re in Great Hands



Parent Liason and Event

I am responsible for running the club. I liaise with parents, organise events and competitions and generally all the boring administration stuff. I run another business as well and so am very busy but I cherish the time spent with our wonderful athletes - they keep me young! 



Head Coach

I started Electrix by accident in 2015 when I wanted to cheer but there wasn’t a club in Nelson. I love coaching and being part of these amazing young people’s lives. I have just finished my degree in Educational Psychology and Linguistics and been accepted onto the Masters programme for 2022. I am passionate about helping young people understand their potential and place in the world whether through coaching or my work in local schools! This season I am coaching Shock, Photons, Energie, Flash, Lytes and Novice - Level 4 Tumble!




I love being a part of the Electrix family. I have been cheering for 12 years and coaching for 7. I was an athlete on team NZ all girl senior and junior in 2018 in which we placed 2nd and 3rd. I have lots of international competition experience and have competed in many places around the world such as China, Hawaii, Orlando and Australia. I am very enthusiastic about helping everyone reach their full potential and will do what it takes to get people where they want to be. I coach Raze, Nitro, Pulse, BIS Code Black, WIS Watts, Preschool classes, Novice-L4 Tumble and assist with Flash and Lytes!

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Junior Coach

Hi! I’m Alara and I coach Flare, Zap, Jolt, Ember, Novice - Level 2 tumble and Strength B! I have been apart of Electrix from basically the start and it’s been a huge part of my life. Electrix is one big family, everyone knows and encourages everyone whether it’s in or outside the gym. It is such an incredible environment where everyone has the opportunity to grow as an athlete and as a person. I have loved being apart of the Electrix family for so many years having been both an athlete and a coach and I strive my best to make each one of my athletes enjoy their time at Electrix as much as I have.

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Junior Coach

Hey I'm Zuva and I coach Flare, Charge, Novice tumble, Level 2 tumble, Flyers B and assist with Photons. What I love about Electrix is how much of a family the whole club is and how you can watch so many life long friendships get made. I also love seeing the athletes grow their skills, their confidence and getting to really know them through the seasons.



Tumble Coach

I'm a high level competitive gymnast and have been loving the start of my tumble coaching journey at Electrix. My favourite part is getting to help athletes reach their goals safely, and supporting them to feel confident and safe when training. I think sometimes I get even more excited about progress than they do! This season I am coaching Novice - Level 4 Tumble.

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Junior Coach

Hi, I'm Jess but everyone calls me Jeff. I coach Novice tumble, Strength B and assist with Raze. Something I like about Electrix is how everyone is like family to one another!

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Flyers' Coach

Hi, I’m Joëlle, and I coach the flyer classes here at Electrix. I have been cheering from the very beginning, since my sister and mum opened Electrix in 2015. I started coaching in 2020 as a CIT. This year I have taken over the Flyer classes as I have been a flyer for all seven years of my cheerleading career! In Flyer class we focus on flexibility, stability, injury prevention, strength and technique so that our flyers can shine on stage. I love that I now get to watch and help other flyers to progress their skills and become more confident in and out of the air!

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Our Programs

Join our family

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Competitive Cheer

Elite, semi-competitive and mini-competitive!

Competitive Cheerleading is a sport for boys and girls where teams perform a two and a half minute routine at national and international competitions against other clubs.  Each routine consists of stunting, tumble, jumps and dance and our teams practice for two hours twice a week.  The teams are divided into age and level categories. At Electrix, we have Elite and Semi-competitive teams for ages 5-adult and Mini-competitive teams for children under 8 years!

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Recreational Cheer

Energetic and Fun

Recreational cheerleading is for those who want to be part of our amazing sport but without the competitions.  The teams are also divided by age but there can be a variety of tumble levels in a team. At Electrix, recreational athletes follow our very own curriculum designed to help them progress through exciting skills quickly and safely. The teams also get to perform at our mid-year and end-of-year events!

Tumble Classes

Beginners to the Experienced

Our tumble classes are for those people who like to learn anything from a cartwheel to a standing tuck and beyond.  We work with the athletes on perfecting techniques for each level to ensure a smooth and safe progression to the next skill.

Boys During a Gymnastics Practice

Boys Flips & Trix

Run, jump, flip and climb!

Taught by our very own parkour and tumbling enthusiast Coach Fajbian, this class will not only get kids flipping around but also building confidence, strength and body awareness! Perfect for those who haven't quite found their thing - this class welcomes ANYONE!

Preschool Movement

Get moving!

Let your kids burn off some energy with our semi-structured preschool classes. These classes set kids up for success in ANY sport - cheer or not - teaching them balance, co-ordination, agility and resiliency! Classes follow our set curriculum and includes teaching time as well as exploration time. Daytime AND afterschool options available to suit your busy schedule! We are also available for bookings from preschools and home learning centres on a one-off or regular basis!

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Urban Photographer

Preschool Parkour

For our little daredevils..

Led by parkour and tumbling enthusiast Coach Fajbian, our preschool parkour classes will teach your little one how to run, jump, climb and most importantly LAND, safely. Watch them explore our space and build their skills, ready to tackle any obstacle they find!

Adult Cheer

Finally follow your cheerleading dreams..

Always wanted to be a cheerleader? Now is your chance. Join us on Tuesday evenings to finally do something that's just for YOU whilst staying feet and meeting some awesome new people. Suitable for all levels of ability and experience!

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Holiday Programs

School's out!

Our holiday programs are action-packed, filled with cheerleading, tumbling, games, crafts and trips. Designed for ages 5-13 years and open to both members AND non-members, the programs are the perfect way to make sure your child makes the most of their school holidays!

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